Chapters 1.7 – 2.2 are currently unavailable due to broken photo links. In the process of moving photos and re-linking them.

The Definition of Insanity Bedlam

(copied from Wikipedia – so you know it’s legit)

Bedlam may refer to:ย Bethlem Royal Hospital, London hospital first to specialize in the mentally ill and origin of the word “bedlam” describing chaos or madness.



The following contains swearing, nonsense, the dankest of memes, and slightly mature themes written in an immature fashion.

27 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh snap. Thank you! There isn’t much Wheatley in Chapter 2.8 and none in 2.9 (sorry), but I promise lots of pictures during his birthday in 2.10. Will that be enough?

  1. DarkwingLady

    I find you by way of Gryffindork’s Dysfunkshhahguabh…DYSFUNCTIONAL Legacy!

    Sorry, too stupid to remember the right mispelling.

    Am so saving you in my tab and reading you too!

    I love madness madcap mayhems! Wheee~

      1. DarkwingLady

        Sooo yeah been binge-reading and binge-commenting.

        I hope you’re doing well and really will put the missing chapters back up.

        I hate to miss out on your cray stories and I would rather wait.

        Sorry for the bother!

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